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Our Approach:  Collaborative Partnership

Your financial planning process will be a collaborative one, every step along the way.  We will become partners in a long-term relationship focused on the mutual pursuit of your life goals. We will continue to revisit these steps on an ongoing basis.  Your life circumstances will change and your financial plans will need to be fine-tuned as they do.   The steps we will take when we create your financial plan, and again when it is time to review and update it, are the same:

  • Assess your current financial situation

    • Review documents

    • Gather data


  • Develop your financial goals

    • Clearly define the challenges you want to solve

    • Frame your personal definition of success

    • Assess your risk comfort

    • Determine your financial goals and timeframes


  • Identify alternative courses of action

    • Options are prepared for you to consider


  • Evaluate alternatives

    • Consider and assess options

    • Revise as appropriate


  • Create and implement your financial action plan

    • Determine how recommendations will be implemented

    • Define role of your planner moving forward

    • Identify other team members needed to implement the plan

    • Determine how progress will be monitored and by whom


  • Review and revise your financial plan

    • Monitor and adjust your plan on a regular, ongoing basis as your life circumstances evolve.


Justin Budnick Presenting With Pharmacy Residents

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