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Access a comprehensive suite of financial products and concierge-level service from a physician-focused expert you can trust at every phase of your of your financial and professional life, from residency to retirement.


Expert physicians know that they cannot do it all by themselves. They focus their time on where they can add the most value and then partner with other specialists when needed to ensure that patients receive the best care in all areas. Likewise I expand your access to expertise through a network of carefully selected specialists with a high level of knowledge and skill in the areas of taxation, specialized insurance, credit, and the law.

Disability and Life Insurance

To maintain financial stability throughout life’s challenges, you must ensure that your income is properly protected. Although this protection is often undervalued and misunderstood, properly structured disability and life insurance can be some of the most important financial decisions you make during your career. I am a protection specialist and will make sure you plan for tomorrow while taking care of today.

Retirement Planning

As a physician, you have a shorter time span to achieve financial independence than the average professional due to late entry into the workforce. As a result, normal retirement strategies are not adequate for you; other tax-sheltered strategies must be used. I will design a strategic savings plan that addresses wealth accumulation, income distribution and legacy transition.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Asset preservation includes legitimate strategies for ensuring that you do not pay more taxes than necessary. Some of the most avoidable but costliest mistakes can occur here.  A well-structured financial plan considers income taxes now, taxes on investments as they grow and the impact of taxes on the withdrawal of assets. I work with taxation experts in order to provide the most appropriate and up-to-date tax strategies.

Asset Protection

Each client has a different tolerance for risk but all assets should be protected from avoidable risk and wealth-eroding factors.  We will review your portfolio, liability insurance and assets to help you identify and address any vulnerabilities.  A carefully constructed asset protection strategy that is fully implemented early on, before trouble arises, is key.

Investment Coordination

We will work to make sure that all of your various investment accounts are properly coordinated. This strategy is designed to reduce risks, expenses, and unnecessary taxes through a well-balanced and properly designed investment approach.

Employee Benefits & Pension

For mid-career physicians buying or managing practices, our team can help you create affordable benefits packages that help you attract and retain high quality staff.  I work with specialists to find options that reduce costs, while maximizing employee benefits in compliance with current legal requirements.

Buy Sell Agreements

We will help you define the details and terms of ownership interest upon the death, disability, retirement or termination of employment of the owner.

Estate Planning

Estate planning will help ensure that the final phase of your financial plan is well constructed to provide adequate funds for your retirement. From income management to legacy options and charitable giving, the decisions you make along the way will set the course for how well your estate plan meets your desired objectives. I will coordinate with your attorney or one of our estate attorneys so that no opportunities are missed.

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