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Socially Responsible Investing

Many of my clients elect to align their personal values and their investments, often excluding or selecting specific investments based on their ESG (environmental, social and governmental) factors or impacts. Portfolios can be built to support values, faith, or other principles.


Clients have several options for portfolio inclusions or restrictions, all of which can be adjusted at any time:

  1. Specific company (e.g. XYZ Co.)

  2. Industrial sector or sub-industry (e.g. tobacco or firearms)

  3. Wide category (e.g. healthcare)


Customizing and aligning your portfolio begins with identifying the unique values, principles and beliefs that you want to drive your investment decisions.  Your portfolio is then screened for alignment.  Justin is happy to sit with you to explore how well your portfolio currently aligns with those values that you feel most strongly about.

Justin Budnick Presenting Yale Hospital

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